Five ways to make spaces appear larger

  1. Create seamless sections: rectify the common crunch in the metro homes; fewer walls open area and the addition of convex mirrors makes the place look larger
  2. Go Monochromatic: Use natural tones, pick products that keep a constant mood of tonality – If nostalgia is the theme, pick vintage items or those with a casual charm and saturated look
  3. Pick Petite: Get a two seater couch; alongside it, place a dining table with smaller, mix and matched chairs or simply a bench, use them as part of the living room seating arrangement. Add smaller accents that merge with the setup
  4. Distract the Eye: Add funky furniture; transform a trunk with castors into a center table; convert mango crates into shelving units; turn a chair or stack of boxes into bedside tables; fix a tree branch to hold up a four posted bed
  5. Textile Surfaces: Sync with the color palette to add a dimension; dissimilar textures sectionalize areas without physically having to