Say goodbye to chaotic commutes, instead carve a smart workspace in the comfort of your bedroom. Segregate your personal life from professional.

Dodging potholes, people, reckless drivers and incompetent public transport – driving is no more an easy job and has become more of a fuss. Why to reach office in stress and why to wish to get rid of travel time when you can operate remotely.

Why not set up your office where you live? Discard those cliché looks, do away with fluorescent lights, no need of bulky cabinets and….

  • Create your own workstations in your private space (bedroom, sitting room or dressing room). Keep only what you have and no need of unnecessary furniture
  • Right placement is important – ensuring optimal space for your machine but avoid setting up near the window as the strong glare will reflect on the screen. Task lamp with natural light is a must and is efficient
  • Sit comfortably – Ergonomics chair are essential. You can get pretty yet modern fabrics to make your working place interesting and pleasant
  • Go Wireless! Cords can be a chore to deal with. But if it is unavoidable, try benders
  • Add organizers to match your décor. Big printers can be installed at places which are not prime and can be hidden safely and within reach
  • Carve out a workspace in the spare corner, against the wall – illustrate surfaces by hand, pair with polka dotted drapes and opt for asymmetrical bookshelf
  • Accessorize with differently sized frames, mugs and storage boxes