Houses are for people and not houses for architects. It has always been a challenge to draw a line for architect’s ambitions. A house of people emanates love.

Alejandra Bahamon has illustrated this from a filmmaker’s point of view. Imagine being in a restaurant, not one of those fancy ones where every minute of yours is interrupted by the waiters or wine stewards with their extra-hospitality and destroy your poem, but one of those silent, small cafes where two or three patrons have just finished their drinks and are chatting. The plates, glasses, bottles, the salt, the pepper, the napkins, the napkin’s holder..are still on the table. Observe the total disarray between the objects and they have served their purpose, they have been handled by one guest or another.

A similar analogy can be drawn from real life. The distance that separate them represent the measure of real life. There is no wrong place in the choice of placement and no false intentions. A film director who is not contaminated by Hollywood is presented at the moment will be able to capture a moment so close to real life and a testament to pure harmony. This is possible if we let things flow organically and not make it pretentious and artificial.

Walter Gropius believed house was “synonymous with a wealth of ideas, precision in its execution, and capability of adaption”. Gropius also suggested that house promotes reflection and the development of future society, when understood in more of an individual context than a social one. We are what we build, what we live in.