There has been many misconceptions regarding wooden flooring, right from questions on its durability to its cost effectiveness. Let us give you some facts about wooden flooring.

Is it easy to maintain?
Cleaning and maintaining wood floors has become easy with the advanced finishes & stains which are done on wood. A periodic sweeping or vacuuming and at times applying a good cleaning product is enough and keeps the floor shining and smiling for years.

Wooden flooring must be expensive, I have limited budget?
Today wooden flooring can fit to any pocket and is not costly anymore. Also, tiles and marble with time start looking dull and tired and require regular maintenance. On the contrary, wood floors maintain it’s youthful and beauty for a longer period.

Do I have limited options?
The options are unlimited. Today wood floors come in numerous designs and sizes. More to that once can achieve finished, designs and stains as per the choice and as per the house décor and size.

How easy it is to install, my local mason can handle it?
Installation of marbles and tiles is more cumbersome than wood flooring installation.
Today with locking and groove techniques which requires application of adhesives and/or nails to fix, the installation has become simple and easy that any mason can handle. With that, there is no need of cement that is required during laying of tiles and also avoid the mess caused during marble installation.

How eco-friendly it is?
Wood is a renewable and recyclable natural resource. It does not accumulate any dust or allergens and keep your home healthy. Environmental Protection Agency has confirmed and proved that pesticides can be easily cleaned from wooden floors.

If one portion gets damaged, how do I get the repair done?
This is easy! One needs to refinish only the portion which is damaged without causing any spoilage to the remaining floor. It means replacing only one plank of wood without worrying about removing the entire flooring.

How long it will last?
Have you not seen your grandmother’s wood cupboards and how today also it looks so good and beautiful?Wood is a natural resource and it only increases in beauty and value over the time.

How expensive it would be to do the make-over?
The entire color of your existing wood floor can be changed to make it look different and to give that desired makeover. Wood can be refinished, stained and re-sanded whenever you want.